Brad Perry-Vocals/Guitar

What do you call a mix of folk music with a hint of soulful depth…Brad Perry’s Americana with Soul. Singer-songwriter and musician, Brad Perry, has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry as a morning TV reporter in Chicago, Phoenix and San Diego and is now spreading his limelight beyond the television screen with brand new music. When Brad picked up the guitar his love of music started to take him on a whole new path of entertaining people. What started as bonding time with his daughter quickly turned into a passion. Brad would practice for hours after his morning news segments to get new cords down. Brad’s story is about his love for soulful sounds and re-creating the music that continues to inspire him to live out his musical dreams. 


As a natural-born entertainer, Brad knocks down the walls that separate the performer and the audience, inviting everyone into the party. His music brings energy to the crowd in an acoustic way and reminds fans what they love most about music—the story. Brad takes us back to when music was about telling stories and songs of the road. His major influences come from growing up in close proximity to Detroit, the home of Motown, and his love for acoustic guitar. Brad plays both original and cover songs, from Bob Marley to Bob Dylan, with his own soulful flair.


Brad, and his band The Acoustic Fingerprints, have played at Kaaboo Del Mar Music Fest, Alice Coopers Christmas Pudding Concert and at the famous Rick’s Cafe in Jamaica. Brad’s sound will have you moving your feet, and you won’t want to miss a beat! Catch Brad around town at local coffee shops, small bars and private parties or become a Brad Perry Americana with Soul fan at or follow on Twitter and Instagram @BradPerryMusic.